Recent Show Results

  • Champion Unhoused Fleece, Sale Show
  • Champion Lambs wool, Sale Show
  • Most Stylish Fleece, Sale Show
  • Champion Medium Merino Fleece, Sale Show
  • Most Valuable Fleece (Medium & Hogget), Sale Show
  • Champion Superfine Fleece Australian Sheep & Wool Show
  • 2nd Place Royal Melbourne Show
  • Most Valuable Fleece at the Sale, Bairnsdale and Yarram Shows
  • Most Stylish Fleece at the Sale & Bairnsdale Shows
  • 2nd Place Royal Melbourne Show
  • 6th place Australian Sheep & Wool Show (Bendigo)
  • Champion Commercial Fleece at the Sale, Yarram & Bairnsdale Shows

Wether Trial Results

Bindawarra wethers consistently perform well at local wether trials. In the 2012 - 2014 Gippsland SheepBreeders Association wether trial, our commercial wethers took out overall first place with an average wool cut of 7.9kg and an average micron of 18.5.  

Our clients continue to have success in wether trials also.

Sire Evaluation Trials

Bindawarra 400 has been ranked 1st in two categories (Fibre Production (FP+) and Merino Production (MP+) indexes) of the Merino Superior Sires Evaluation Index for 2014 and ranked 3rd in the dual purpose index. We are extremely proud and happy with these results.   If you would like further information, please see their website or contact us for further details about this superior ram.  Full ASBV's are available for both Bindawarra 400 and Bindawarra 358.  Bindawarra 400 still has progeny used in the stud, with this family being a very strong contributor to our success.

Bindawarra 358 is performing very well in the Balmoral Sire Evaluation Trials.